A rjav Diamonds is one of the world's most important rough diamond distributors, with an unbeatable direct sourcing ability and a distribution network covering all the key diamond centers.

The combination of the breadth and scale of the offered range and the unique distribution system enables Arjav Diamonds to provide its clients with consistent and secure supplies.


Rough sourcing via direct and indirect sources lies at the heart of Arjav Diamonds' unique rough distribution model. We are part of a very select few who have access to significant quantities of direct supply from the largest rough producers. Our rough purchases, both from direct and indirect sources, cover all product ranges, types and sizes, from $1/ct to over $10,000/ct. Arjav Diamonds has been a De Beers Sightholder since 1991. Additionally, we are an Alrosa Sightholder and regular client of Dominion. Moreover, we secured one of the largest long-term contracts with Alrosa in 2009, ensuring a steady rough supply on an unrivalled scale. In addition to these long-term contracts, we continuously purchase from other rough suppliers. The dimension and scale of our sourcing is translated into very large, consistent and secure supplies towards our clients. We offer them a full range of rough product categories in terms of origin and quality. As a result of its very extensive and diversified procurement capacity, Arjav Diamonds has built up great insight and knowledge of goods of different origin and quality, as well as assorting and pricing. Our history and dedication to this product have given us an incomparable rough expertise.


Our world-class trading system largely depends on the highly professional rough assorting at our locations in Belgium and India. Our flexible assortment creation systems, whereby goods from different sources & categories are precisely mixed, combined with a market-responsive flexible and clear 'Price-book' system, enables us to offer an exactly tailored product to our diverse client base. The precision of our tailoring is also enhanced by the fact that we are manufacturers and polished distributors ourselves and therefore have direct insight into the price trends and demands along the pipeline. By creating these specialist assortments and placing goods to niche players we generate significant added value for the rough goods.


The success of our rough distribution is based on the fact that our trading takes place in three diamond markets, in combination with a unique distribution system that places emphasis on lasting relationships and sustainable profitability. Our rough distribution takes place in three diamond markets: Antwerp (Belgium), Surat (India), Mumbai (India). This means that we are able to efficiently supply the largest possible range of clients, including both local market companies and the more mobile global trade. Through trading in the three most important markets we also gain insight into the trends along the diamond pipeline: Antwerp is a window into rough prices since goods from the majority of miners and producers are traded in there, Surat supplies valuable information on manufacturing outcomes and costs and Mumbai provides essential insight into global polished prices. Our rough distribution system is based on long lasting mutually beneficial relationships in which a number of our clients have become strategic partners, moreover, with others we have gone one step further and set up joint-venture businesses.


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