A t Arjav Diamonds, the combination of cutting edge technology, skilled artisans and passion for quality is what makes our diamonds truly beautiful. This union is our way of ensuring a top-quality polished production, closely oriented towards our customer needs.

We are constantly striving to achieve the best balance between value, yield and make in our factories in India and Botswana.


Our manufacturing units in Surat, India and Gaborone, Botswana operate at the highest technical standards with cutting edge diamond manufacturing equipment such as Galaxy, Helium and Sarin technology. However, technology is only half of the story. We also rely on a strong workforce of skilled and experienced artisans, producing the finest 'round' and 'fancy' cuts in all categories. Since great emphasis is placed on being market responsive and the ability to change the focus of production quickly, our artisans have to be flexible and able to gear our production towards market demand, based on real time information from our clients and partners. In order to maintain our high production standards, the workforce receives refined training and we use 'skill' mapping procedures to get right person for the right job.


Arjav Diamonds' manufacturing is very much oriented towards customer needs. Our R&D facility enables us to constantly improve our products. It ensures that we meet the specific parameters and requirements needed by our clients to fulfill their downstream programs. Additionally it guarantees an incomparable consistency of triple excellent and exact parameter manufacturing. Our fully integrated ERP system enables us to be fully responsive to our customers and manage our manufacturing according to their needs. This enables us to manufacture both rounds and fancies according to the timing, quantities, qualities and parameters that suit customers' specific requirements.


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